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Beneath Cold Seas: the Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest

North American Publishers: Greystone Books ( Vancouver ); University of Washington Press (Seattle)
European Publishers: Saraband (UK); Frederking & Thaler (Germany)

Lion's Mane Jellyfish with Bull Kelp

Lion's Mane Jellyfish with Blue Rockfish

Black Rockfish School

Sockeye Salmon in the Adams River

A male sockeye salmon nearing his final destination before spawning

I am completely surrounded by huge Steller sea lions

A lion's mane jellyfish with feather boa kelp

A giant dendronotid nudibranch swimming in mid-water

Hooded Nudibranchs on Kelp

Hooded Nudibranchs

Northern Kelp Crab

Moon Jellyfish

Fried Egg Jellyfish

Red-eye Medusa

Seaweeds at Low Tide

Rose Anemone

Stubby Squid

Jellyfish at the surface in Browning Pass

A swarm of cross jellyfish with surface debris

Whitesided dolphins

A harbor seal studies its own reflection in the dome port of my camera housing

The mouth of a fish-eating anemone, with surrounding tentacles

The Irish lord sculpin can change color to blend with its surroundings

Wolf eel

Irish lord sculpin with plumose anemones

China rockfish, a common bottom-dweller in Pacific Northwest coastal waters

A juvenile wolf-eel is more colorful than the adult

The opalescent nudibranch is a predatory mollusk with no shell.

Flower-like sea anemones and red soft coral carpet the floor of a kelp forest

A northern kelp crab

Crimson sea anemone

A cluster of large gooseneck barnacles at Nakwakto Rapids

Gooseneck barnacles, Nakwakto Rapids, British Columbia

Hooded nudibranchs on bull kelp

The helmet crab's exoskeleton is covered with sensitive bristles

Opalescent nudibranchs and ascidians

Giant plumose anemones with kelp greenling

Scalyhead sculpin

An adult king crab with barnacle-encrusted shell

An aggregation of dogwinkle snails laying eggs

Ochre sea stars prey upon mussels just below the surface in the intertidal zone

The grunt sculpin is a small fish that "walks" on the bottom using its pectoral fins.

There are more than fifty species of sea stars in British Columbia's coastal waters

Mosshead warbonnet

The giant Pacific octopus is the world's largest.

Orange sea pens on a sandy bottom

A fried egg jellyfish swimming at the surface

Undersea forests of bull kelp are found along the Pacific Northwest coast.

Black rockfish and old growth kelp

A Steller sea lion may weigh as much as one ton

Two Steller sea lions settling a dispute

Keeping one eye on me, a harbor seal rubs its back

A graceful crab attempting to open up a clam for dinner

Barnacles, Mussels and Anemones

Whitesided dolphins riding the bow wave of our ship

The decorated warbonnet is a secretive fish with an eel-like body

Basket stars capture drifting plankton with their branching arms

Migrating sockeye salmon in the Adams River at night

All images © David Hall. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of these images is strictly forbidden.