David Hall's Encounters in the Sea Photography


Symbiosis means "living together". Symbiotic relationships are very common in the ocean, especially among animals living on coral reefs. There are several kinds of symbiosis: "mutualism" is a partnership in which both animals benefit; "parasitism" is a relationship in which one animal benefits at the expense of the other; "commensalism" is a term used to cover all other kinds of symbiosis - usually relationships where one partner benefits, while the other is neither helped nor harmed.

Shark with Remora Jellyfish with Fish Eagle Ray with Jack
Crabs and Urchin,
Crab and Jellyfish Crab with Urchin
Squat lobsters,
Parasitic Isopods,
Anemone with Commensals,
Shrimp on Sea Cucumber Shrimp on Bubble Coral Shrimp on Fire Urchin
Decorator Crab Decorator Crabs Sponge Crab
Wire Coral Goby Blind Shrimp and Goby Gobies on Soft Coral
Batfish with Cleaners Shrimp on Nudibranch Shrimp on Featherstar
Crab on Sea Anemone Crab on Jellyfish Boxer Crab with Anemones
Brittlestar on Sponge Anemonefish Crab on Barrel Sponge


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